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A woman living in the US and 1,600 km of the journey is half naked. Lifart Paulette says that his trip “Walk With God” was like. In fact, women with breast cancer by bringing in people Jagrukna decided to walk naked through the long Srwair Kiakkhud cancer girl …
Lifart itself is Breast Cancer Survivor. Walk to Washington from Mississippi made by the woman. Walk to the back of the topless woman says that his intention was to break the people’s perceptions. The woman became the focus of the first speech on the Internet and related stories went viral. 49-year-old woman in a video recorded on his journey. He gave the name Scary Story.
4 daughters was with him during the walk. He was joined by Emily McKenzie addition filmmaker. The intention now is to create a foundation of women who try to overcome the problems of single mother.\