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The woman, who lives in South America a few days ago it was very difficult. Her clothes were not sized to hang out with the kids make fun of him all progressed. Not only were her children laughed at him. But, now this woman has 77-pound weight loss. It was the first of 143 kg weight 66 kg of it is left. Lora Jones was thick from childhood. He never ignored his obesity. But when their kids started calling him fat mother, he decided to lose weight. Such low weight …
Lora had surgery to lose weight and your diet as well as regular Jiming kept control. Where the first day pizzas, burgers and sandwiches used to eat. Now they shake the protein, salad, vegetable, eat only fruits. 33-year-old Laura says that one day I would go hang out with the kids refused to ride Rollercoaster, my 10-year-old daughter was grinning at me. All this inspired me to lose weight. Now I am very happy to loose weight. The first time I wore a bikini. Now my children give me Compiliment day.