A resident of Nova Scotia in Canada Donna Gilley was never troubled by obesity, but now he has 50 kg. Not only did they take part in the competition are bikini. Surprisingly Donna that his weight is reduced without surgery. Never had a weight of 105 kg …
30-year-old Donna was bothered by his increasing weight. His weight was 105 kg. Donna says that’s when I realized my weight when I started having trouble sitting. Then I decided to lose weight. I joined the gym, and after 2 years of hard work managed to lose 31 kg.
Bad Habit boosted by food weight
Donna says that I used to eat a lot, which led to my weight increased. However, now I have control of your food Habits. Now my weight is 52 kg with his fitness coach and I constantly am working to maintain better. In 2014, the first time I took part in fitness competitions. Then again in 2015, attended East Coast classic.
Donna said that since I had less weight, my outlook on life has changed since then. I have many such people who were upset by the growing weight. I advised them to think positive, because your weight in an instant can not lose.