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A woman named Romain Beriyl eight years seems like a pregnant woman. Seeing people ask him about her pregnancy. About her pregnancy even being asked questions by people fed up with his fiance left the Beriyl. Here is how the disease suffer from …
After considerable investigation showed that Beriyl is suffering from a serious illness. Beriyl hails from England, says that when I was getting married in 1999, when I discovered a lump in my stomach. In the belly of a pregnant woman as a result of Utrs Fraibroid looks like.
Pregnant women, like their stomach is bloated 18 inches. Doctors from many countries to consult after Beriyl no avail. Doctors finally advised her to flush Utrs. I refused to tell Beriyl Utrs flush. Because then I could never become a mother. 2012 I started taking the medicine Faibroid is shrinking. I hope that I shall be fully recovered.