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New York: By now you must have heard of such massage. Anywhere on the body except the snake massage is so far from the foot of an elephant. But the most unique way to massage the teeth cut on the back and the Weird. The way to enjoy the celebrity A-list clients who are taking. Once the massage for about 10 thousand rupees are required to …
New Jersey resident Dorothy Stein, aka Dr. Dot persist in their peculiar discussed massage therapy. He was giving a massage to his mother developed the technology. Dorothy cuts on the back of your teeth so that your clients get the body to relax. 48-year-old Dorothy says, some rock star back clients prefer to have a massage, as well as the front.
They first meet their favorite rock stars used to offer free massage. Later, it became famous in Selebs massage. A woman interviewed by journalist Dorothy talked about the massage fee. Dorothy once said they would charge Rs 10 for a massage. Of the ordinary man and not just a massage Selebs sites.