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Liverpool’s Joe Allen Becky UK during pregnancy give birth to three children together when she realized she was bound to be so surprised. Not only is it difficult to distinguish them after the baby is born and then he became upset. Indeed, he Triplets identical (identical twins) had given birth to, which is one of 20 million cases. Allen also has a daughter first. 6 weeks later found out about it …
Three children for six weeks after birth, the Roman, Roko and Rohan are in hospital and a DNA test revealed their genetically identical. Allen, 23, said the three would look exactly alike. Not easy to distinguish them. Aibro Berthamark under all but the Roman is slightly darker than the color of the other two.
” I have had the test I was expecting that they would be non-identical Triplets, but then surprised identical. However, just who I am, who can tell the difference. Since we do not live with my father 17-year-old sister helps me to raise them.