Meet her, these are residing in England Northamptnshayr Toon Simon. The 25-year-old Simon is stunned to see a lifestyle. Let me tell you that Simon is not the daughter of a rich family, nor would he owns a big company. Then how does Simon maintained a Life. That the only date rich men …

Sugar Daddy himself says Simone. According to him, he can not make people failed. She lives in a relationship with only those who deserve to bear his expenses. So they are just rich people only date. Much of their boyfriends are between the ages of 40 to 60. Simon shopping around 3½ million monthly spend. In addition he has made two breast surgeries. Simone several times on foreign trips and holidays have been. But all of these costs are carried by their new boyfriends.

Lifestyle company is happy with Simon

Simon says that they are doing nothing wrong. Take money from their boyfriends makes them wrong. She lives in relationship with people dressed and take the same time, the rich spend their boyfriends. At the moment, Simone do not want any change in your lifestyle. Simon is a Problem of Sugar Daddy’s image.
Who are the ‘Sugar Daddy’?
English ‘Sugar Daddy’ is a term, which means, that the rich old man with him to date a lot of women with expensive gifts and money keeps them happy. That in turn removes his loneliness.

So far, the relationship was a 6
Simon did not find life similar to his home town, as they should. Simon started modeling at the age of 18, but still he was not happy with myself. So they started dating rich men. She is at the age of 20 many times and they were attracted to the status of an old man began to date. Since then she has lived in 6 long-term relationship.

Won a Life
Simon does not like mornings. So they can rise comfortably until noon. By Jim every two hours thereafter until 4 pm for lunch are Simone. Is not at all fond of cooking them. So he comes to lunch and dinner in 5 star hotels.

If such care boyfriends
Simone from their boyfriends in their shopping expenses in addition to the rent of your apartment are Niklwati. Simon was on vacation in Dubai recently, from designer clothing to the gym membership costs only raise their boyfriends.