From Sushi to Sakura to Origami to Shinkansen, Japan is famous for many things which are beautiful and baffling in nature. From Weird Japanese candies to technology to defying the meaning of normal, Japan has done it all.
Recently Japan has opened up, a Wine Spa pool, at a place near Tokyo, named ‘Hakone Kowakien Yunessun’. It is a public bath filled with lukewarm wine where customers can come and relax their minds. Yunessun Spa & resorts also offer green tea detox pool, Coffee pool and sake water pool. These pools are kept in mind to rejuvenate one’s body & soul as well.
Wine treatments are common to find over the world but this Spa offers a 12 foot bottle full of wine, where the customers can also drink wine while they are getting the Spa Treatment. This treatment can be redeemed only 12 days span once a year. The spa is supposed to get this inspiration from the famous Egypt Queen ‘Cleopatra’ who used to bath in wine.
Japan has also surpassed US for consuming wine, during their annual festival of wine, ‘Beaujolais Nouveau’ for the celebration of ‘Vins Primeur’ which is special wine which is sold the same year it is harvested which is unlikely for wine. This Fruity fresh wine is made from handpicked Gamay grapes from France. In the year 2014, Japan ordered 8 million bottles of wine whereas US only ordered 2 million only during the festival.
Wine has a god sent quality of natural antioxidants called polyphenols that exfoliate, detox, cool down and soften the skin. Nearly about 2000 years ago, Cleopatra invented bathing in wine, as she was the ultimate definition of beauty so one can surely count on Cleopatra’s secrets. Wine also helps in blood circulation so if you want your skin to look like you are blushing all the time; you need wine in your life!
Apart from cleansing their bodies from the lukewarm wine the customers can also drink red wine in the pool.Tanzawa & Hakone green tea are pretty famous in Japan. But this spa has green tea from tanzawa and hakone as well. To give a boost to immune system & skin. Green tea sure works wonders.!