“Microsoft Monday” takes a look back at the past week of news related to Microsoft. This week, “Microsoft Monday” includes details about the new Murphy bot, new Office for iPhone features, a freezing issue caused by the Windows 10 Anniversary Update on SSDs, a $200,000 reward being offered to prove MS-DOS code was stolen, a rumor about three new Surface AIOs, a change in Windows support policies and more!

Meet Microsoft’s New Murphy Bot

Microsoft has recently released a new chat bot called “Project Murphy.” Project Murphy is available on Skype, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and it will be headed for Kik and Slack soon.

What does Murphy Bot do? Murphy generates images based on what-if scenarios that you provide it with. For example, I asked Murphy Bot what Bill Gates would look like with a beard. Here is the outcome:

Microsoft Murphy Bot / Screenshot Credit: Amit Chowdhry via Murphy Bot on Facebook Messenger

According to TheNextWeb, Microsoft’s Murphy Bot tool is powered by artificial intelligence using Microsoft Cognitive Services and search queries from Bing. And the platform runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Microsoft Office Adds The Ability To Draw On Your iPhone

Today The Verge reported that Microsoft added the ability to draw on the iPhone versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint with your fingers. With the new feature, you will be able to use your fingers to draw on and annotate documents in a way that is different than using a stylus or the Apple Pencil.

On Microsoft Word for the iPhone, you will need to open the draw tab and select the object. From there, the thickness and color can be selected of the pen for the drawing. The PowerPoint drawing tool allows you to draw on slides using your fingers. And you can annotate cells using your fingers on Excel too.

Freezing Issue Caused By Windows 10 Anniversary Update On SSDs

Within the Microsoft Community forums, an issue has been reportedwhere the Windows Anniversary Update freezes up after being installed on solid-state drives. Microsoft confirmed that this is a problem based on “small number of reports.” Fortunately it does not freeze up when the PC is started in Safe Mode.

To fix the problem, Microsoft suggested signing into Windows 10 through Safe Mode and then moving your data and apps to the same SSD drive as the operating system.  The Anniversary Update also has the ability to return back to the previous version of Windows within 10 days of the update using the Recovery Console or the Settings app from Safe Mode.

A $200,000 Reward Is Being Offered To Prove Microsoft Stole MS-DOS Code

If you know about the history of Microsoft, then you may be aware that the Redmond giant has been accused of copying CP/M source code to build MS-DOS. However, there isn’t any actual proof of this claim.

According to Softpedia, a consultant named Bob Zeidman attempted to find evidence. Since he was not able to find any evidence, he is offering $200,000 to anyone that can prove that Microsoft did use CP/M code to build MS-DOS.

In 2012, Zeidman used forensic tools to analyze the code bases. However, the only thing he was able to find was 22 system calls — which were used to trigger actions. These system calls used the same function and function numbers, but it still does not prove that Microsoft stole the code.

Whoever uses forensic tools like the one he used several years ago will receive $100,000. And whoever finds a secret command that calls a copyright notice with Gary Killdall’s name will receive another $100,000. Killdall is known for being the creator of CP/M.

Microsoft May Be Launching Three New Surface All-In-One PCs This Year

Sources with Windows Central are reporting that Microsoft is potentially going to launch three new Surface all-in-one (AIO) PCs this year. This report corroborates details provided by DigiTimes in June where it said Microsoft will be launching a Surface AIO rather than another Surface Book.

Windows Central’s sources said that there are three display sizes being tested: 21-inch (full HD), 24-inch (4K) and 27-inch (4K). Currently these devices are being tested and there is a chance that it will not actually be sold on the market.

However, the new Surface Book is rumored to have a hinge that would make the device flush like a normal laptop. The current Surface Books have a fulcrum hinge that causes a gap while the device is closed.

Microsoft HoloLens Brings Legendary Characters Into The Real World

In a blog post Microsoft’s Kudo Tsunoda announced a partnership with the entertainment company Legendary, which is one of the companies known for being behind the Warcraft movie. Here is a demo video of how the partnership works:

“With HoloLens, creators now have more than one way to make holograms, whether characters are played by actors or are CG-based. To capture actors and real objects as holograms, we use a holographic video capture studio,” said Tsunoda. “We record the actors using dozens of synchronized RGB and infrared cameras on a calibrated green-screen stage. We are able to capture the motion, shape, and appearance of the performer, producing something like video but viewable from any angle, at any moment of recording. Life-sized holograms of CG-created characters can also be made using 3D data.”

Xbox One Surpasses The PS4 In The U.S. Last Month

Last week, it was announced that the Xbox One was the best selling console in the U.S. for the month of July. The achievement is based on NPD Group’s monthly report in July, which is the first time that the organization included digital data as part of sales. So the change in the reporting ended up being favorable for Microsoft.

GameSpot pointed out that the Xbox One topping PS4 is unusual because Sony’s console has been consistently outselling Microsoft’s console since it launched. And the last time the Xbox One beat the PS4 in the U.S. was in October.

Another reason why this is unusual is because Microsoft has two new consoles launching within the next year or so. Usually when that happens, consumers tend to hold off making a purchase in favor of waiting until the new systems launch.