Bigg Boss fame Sofia Hayat has brought a big change in her life. The model has shocked everyone with her extreme transition. Sofia has apparently turned into Mother Sofia. She recently confirmed it by posting her picture on Instagram and her status message which said, “I am mother of all. The earth was created when I spoke the word. Om. I have awoken to spread the truth. I am the living truth.”

Sofia recently addressed a media conference revealing the reason behind her transition. Talking to media she said, “I apologies for doing glamorous work. I was wearing a mask…makeup was killing me… My family was surprised when I told them that I want to turn into a spiritual person. Industry is not fair. A woman is a product for glamour industry. I listen to them and did some glamorous role. I am feeling really bad whatever I did in my past.I don’t look like that. I was totally fake.”

Sofia had done breast transplant and now she has taken out the fake breast. “I am ashamed of doing a breast transplant.” She said

Sofia now considers herself as God. She heels people now. She is now known as Gaia Mother Sofia. “I was born Muslim n converted into Christian. I did meditation.” She adds

Her Upcoming film 6X will be shown in Cannes. She will not be promoting the film. She wishes her film doesn’t get released because it shows the glamorous side of her. She wants to be remembered as holy sacred mother n as an actress. The money earned from the industry will be donated to the needy

She further says, “The gods and angels are waking up and I am one of it. I have been through heaven and the angels told me that I am holy sacred mother. I never had a sexual relationship for the last one year. Pornography should be totally banned.”

“I should me called as Mother and not Mam.” She concludes.

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