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China’s Zhejiang Province has Hujou a peculiar case. Here a boy told police he threatened alien himself and that I’m the second planet from the Royal Family. If anyone tried to touch my car so my people of Planet Earth will destroy. Indeed, the traffic police in case the boy had caught breaking the rules. Viral on Chinese social networking site, said the boy what Know …
Police Traffic Rules break because the 27-year-old boy said to take the car, the policemen threatened the child. He will move your rules here, but it’s not on our Planet. I’m from another planet, a royal family. If I do go, I will forget everything. But take my car so I will do damage to the earth from the Milky Way Galaxy. They will do so because I do not want to see sad.
A policeman made a video of the entire event and uploaded to social sites. Police also said that if the boy is the second planet from the crowds of the car had to go. The guy said I did not fly in a plane, I aunt (FUA) runs, I mean the UFO. However, the police lifted the boy’s car.