Many millenial couples are taking off on a mini vacation before becoming parents so they can spend some ‘us’ time before welcoming your baby. Take a cue from our Bollywood stars – while Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra went to London and Switzerland, Imran Khan whisked his wife Avantika Malik to Europe. Vivek Oberoi and Priyanka Alva flew off to Bali and Europe, and Rani Mukerji and Aditya Chopra vacationed in Europe. More recently, Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput babymooned in Maldives. If you are also in the family way, you should plan such a trip right away. We give you some solid reasons why you must do so…

Strengthens your bond
Since the idea is to spend quality time together, you are not generally in a hurry to do things. Maitri Ravikumar, an investment banker who has just returned from her babymoon in Sri Lanka, says, “We planned the vacation because this is my first pregnancy and I was feeling anxious most of the time. So, we chose to take off on a trip so that we could spend time with each other. The whole babymoon was centred around us, and not the destination. So, we chose not to do any of the touristy things. We had lazy breakfasts and spent our afternoons gazing out of the room’s window. Since we have visited the place earlier, it was a nostalgic feeling. It reaffirmed our belief that are indeed made for each other.”

Gives you time to catch up on sleep
Manasi Rishikesh, a brand manager who is in her last trimester, says she learnt a valuable lesson from her sister-in-law. “She hasn’t slept properly in the last six months because she is always feeding her newborn. So, I decided I would catch up in advance. Though I am on my maternity break, I somehow end up waking up early and going to bed late. Now, my husband and I are going to Goa for a week, and the only thing on my agenda is to laze on the comfortable bed for as long as I can,” she smiles.

Plan for the future
If you still haven’t charted your game plan for life post-delivery, do it when you are on your babymoon. Dr Shirodhkare adds, “Many couples utilise this time to decide on how much time they are taking off from work once the baby is born, plan their budget and sort out their finances.”

When is the right time?
The second trimester is the best time to take off on a babymoon. Raghu Dixit, a gynaecologist, says, “Usually, hormonal imbalances, morning sickness and other signs of pregnancy would have lessened by the fourth month. So, plan your getaway between the fifth and seventh month so that you are back home in time.”

Some popular getaways
If you are sold on the idea to go on a babymoon, here are some interesting options you can consider.

Sail on a cruise: Prashanth Trivedi, a tour organiser, says he gets several requests from couples to help them book slots on a cruise liner that has exclusive facilities for pregnant women. He adds, “The itinerary usually includes live performances, relaxing spa massages and gourmet dining options. We ensure there’s medical facility available on board before suggesting options to the couples. We also advise them against embarking on a cruise if the woman is prone to nausea.”

Soak in the beach: Many couples opt for beach stays because they love the idea of letting the waves wash their feet and the balmy air calming their senses.

 For the adventurous you: If you are someone who loves thrill, then adventurous destinations like Goa or Las Vegas can be an option. You can enjoy the nightlife, spend time shopping and catch up on sleep in the day.
Keeping up with heritage: Many couples prefer visiting destinations that has a rich history so that they can explore the monuments in their own pace and also spend some quality time together.
One-day babymoon: If you can’t afford a long leave, spend the weekend by booking a room in a star hotel and while away your time enjoying its luxury.