Today I want to tell you my story of teeth whitening at home. I hope that this information will be useful and that you’ll follow my example.

When you drink tea, soft drinks, or coffee, eat chocolate, condiments, sauces and smoke cigarettes pigments accumulate in micro pores of the enamel which leads to the notorious yellow colour …

Even if you stop eating and drinking the above foods and quit smoking, yellow colour will not vanish. What should you do? Do you have to go to a dentist and pay silly money for harmful and unsafe procedures? No way! DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT ! There is a chance to damage your enamel and thereby exacerbate the problem…

What should you do then?
I asked myself this question too and started surfing the Internet. I found various recommendations. Like brush your teeth with baking soda, use special plates, essential oil, rinse your mouth with kombucha and so on. Of course, I tried all these methods but they appeared to be ineffective. Therefore I gave up and decided to go to my dentist.

But, shortly before seeing my dentist, my colleagues started dissuading me telling that I was going to damage my enamel and risk to losing my teeth altogether… Instead of going to my dentist they recommended me to try a product manufactured in the US called Teeth Whitening Pen which as much more effective and safe for the enamel compared to dentistry. Of course, I learned all the details from them including the price and where I could order this Teeth Whitening Pen. I made an order, collected the package from my local post office and started using the product.

What do you think? After I completed the treatment course my teeth turned SNOW-WHITE ! It’s hard to believe but it’s true!
How to use Teeth Whitening Pen:
1. Teeth Whitening Pen can be used during day or night as needed. Immediate result can be achieved by repeating instructions every 10 minutes for 1-2 hours.
2. Teeth Whitening Pen is great for first-time bleaching, regular touch-ups and/or spot-bleaching of difficult dental stains.
Step 1: Dry your teeth.
Step 2: Rotate the bottom of click-pen to dispense the gel from the opposite end.
Step 3: Apply the gel directly onto your teeth.
Step 4: Avoid lips contact with your teeth for 30-60 seconds.
Step 5: Do not rinse or eat/drink for one hour.
Step 6: Repeat as often as needed.

This is the only official distributor of Teeth Whitening Pen in the UK. As for the delivery, it’s effected on COD basis when you collect it from your post office. Thus everything is safe .

Teeth Whitening Pen is much less costly then if you whiten your teeth at a professional dentistry. It’s up to you whether this price is high or not considering high efficacy of Teeth Whitening Pen and that it’s manufactured by a renowned brand Procter & Gamble!!!

Well, hopefully this information was useful and you’ll finally be able to make your teeth perfectly white. Best of luck to everyone!