WhatsApp has been developing their messaging platform to make it interesting, easier to use, and thorough. With each feature, they first roll it out to beta testers, do immense testing in terms of ease, bandwidth and compatibility and then release it to public after it is properly functioning. In this way, they are making WhatsApp a unique messaging platform with the least amount of bugs and issues. However, the process is slow and it seems like WhatsApp is bringing features that already exist on rival platforms.

This time, information comes in from WABetaInfo, who tweeted about a new feature that will be introduced by WhatsApp in its future releases. The feature explained here is an option to mention people in chats. Similar to how you use it on Twitter with the ‘@’ symbol before a name, you can also mention people in chats with other people.

As for now, it is not yet clear how this will function. Will the person mentioned in the chat also receive the same message? Or will it be as usual, but the recipient will be able to get the contact’s details automatically on the chat message?

Additionally, as mentioned earlier, the same source also tweeted another screenshot which reveals that WhatsApp will roll out the feature of link-based group invites.