WhatsApp developers seem to be burning the midnight oil with the recent string of feature updates. The App recently gained ‘FixedSys’ font option for formatting the text messages. There is evidence for traces of many other features in the WhatsApp code, waiting to be unveiled to the public. The most recent update adds the voicemail option while calling. This option is joined by the ‘Call back’ button that will function as mentioned as reported by Android Police.The voice call option makes the calling feature more streamlined, bringing it at par with the conventional calling. Both these options allow users to leave audio messages right and call back after the call is declined or left unanswered. In addition to this, WhatsApp has also added a detail where the app notifies the user that WhatsApp is ‘Waiting for this message. This may take a while.’ This is usually displayed when the message is taking too long to come from the other end. The notification is rare since it is only visible when the message has been sent from the other end and not completely received by the app.We are still waiting for the public group invite links, two-factor authentication and redesigned profile section to make it to the public beta. Interestingly the pace of development is varying and iOS counterpart of the app is first to get beta feature update.