Jaco is not to kill the thread Saiyan Koy, saying it is true in all of Spain at Fisherman’s Luigi Markej. Luigi 3 days to 56 years living in the belly of the whale came out alive. He was very dark inside the belly of the whale. There was also quite cold.
Luigi said they were fishing at the beach. Those caught in the sudden storm and whale swallowed him. Meanwhile, police also searched quite, but they did not, after which he was declared dead. However, three days later, the whale Luigi blurted out, after which they returned home. Luigi’s family were quite happy in the face.
Shark’s belly would eat raw fish
Luigi said her stomach was quite dark, but light waterproof watch him alive. During this time he made a meal of raw fish eaten by whales were feeding. However, inside the belly was too difficult to tolerate the stench of decaying food. I could not digest whale probably because of which blurted. Luigi said when I got out, and my body was much stink, stench in the belly of the whale was like. 3 days washed themselves better, then the stench.