West Indies cricketer Virat Kohli Lindahl Simmons has described very egotistical. Simons said the launch of the ultimate vanity for the Twenty20 World Cup semi-final, he played a great innings. Simmons scored 89 runs in 52 balls in the semi-finals. Because India had lost the match. Simmons Kohli said about …

Simmons said in an interview with a sports portal, ‘I said to myself that I will prove to you that you alone best batsman Kohli I do not.’ ‘

Kohli batted steadily during Simmons alleges that he was proposing. Simmons said, “He (Kohli) is the same. He is very arrogant. On the field, when he batted Ataking mood remains. He lives forever and ever.

How India had lost the match?
As a reminder, in the semifinals on March 31 when Simmons came to bat hard at the time was in the West Indies. Had lost two wickets for 19 runs. India batting first scored 192 runs. However, West Indies beat India by 7 wickets. In addition to Johnson Charles and Andre Russell Simmons was also bat well.