Tokyo: It is said that in the case of the monkey brain, are the closest to humans. If you see and know this reality, you have to go restaurant Kabuki in Tokyo, capital of Japan. This restaurant is so unique because the person working as a waiter, but the monkey. These monkeys are not just bringing the menu, but also take orders and serve a meal. These monkeys are also common waitresses wear the same uniform. How did the idea of making monkey waiters …
Your monkey waiters in the restaurant is much discussion and even more than getting people to come see monkey waiters. The owner of the restaurant told him unique idea came when his pet monkey started his working copy. Seeing him emulated by restaurant owners decided to try to promote your work.
Yet Chen and Chen Fuku this restaurant Monkey waiters working since 2008. Yet these larger chains. As soon as a customer enters the restaurant, both tend to look at their work. A customer takes the Chair and the other brings towels to wipe his hands. A monkey takes your order and second order then serves them.
Care law has
According to Japanese law, animals can not be made to work more than two hours. Monkeys are also kept in the restaurant. The waiter said the restaurant’s customers are the monkey easily understand orders. Exactly the same food and drinks are served, the order was given to them. Table No one remembers these monkeys lives.