2-year-old who lives in a village in Bangladesh head of Imon is 9 kg. His head was larger than normal at birth. Imon such a big head because neither can speak, can not walk and can not even shake the body. When her parents take care of her. Imon head of the surgery, which was slightly larger than usual before and grew slowly over time. Imon’s parents took her to a nearby village on many that they could not find out what happened to him. Many people have also started to religious treatment. Finally, after an investigation revealed that Imon Haidrosifals doctor suffering from a kind of fluid which is accrued in the head. Doctors say that the treatment of Imon is only possible abroad because fluid must be removed from his head, after which they will be able to work his brain. Imon The parents say that they are very poor and not able to treat their child abroad.