If you are one of those women gifted with cascading locks that almost reach your waist, then you should rejoice. There are so many wonderful hairstyles for you to try like hairstyles for wet hair, crown hairstyle and more. And if you’re a soon-to-be bride who’s not very sure on which hairstyle she should pick, we’re here to help you out with that.

1. The Lustrous Side Braid

You cannot really go wrong with this one. Whether you do a simple side braid or go in for a more complicated fishtail braid or a seven strand braid, the end look is classy and graceful. Just make sure you do not make the braid too tight, as that will give it a stiff look. The braid needs to be loose and relaxed so that it looks voluminous. Finish up with some hairspray to keep the braid from unraveling and to keep any flyway’s under control.

While the traditional braid that falls at the back has been a favourite amongst Indian brides, side braids allow you to flaunt your hairstyle in the front, making sure your beautiful long hair does not go unnoticed by either the guests or the photographer.lustrous-side-braid

2. The Classy Half Updo

If you’re keen on going in for a more open look long hairstyle, then you can opt for a half up do hairstyle. This hairstyle will show your mane off to its best advantage. You can curl the ends to add some nice movement to your hair. The curls should be loose wide curls that give your hair some natural-looking waves and volume. The top of your hair can be teased and set in a pouf so that it does not end up looking flat. This will also give you some height and volume. This is one of the latest bridal hairstyles you could try.

This hairstyle will also frame your face nicely. The half up do hairstyle goes well with a lehenga or a wedding gown more than a saree. So if you’ll be wearing a saree on your wedding day, then you may want to opt for another hairstyle.



. The Traditional Braid

Now, let’s not be hasty and completely reject the traditional braid. Done properly, the trusty braid can enhance your overall look. The trick is to keep it classy with a centre parting and use a holding spray to keep the braid intact. Personally I feel that the humble braid has been treated unfairly, with tacky hair accessories making it look outdated. Try using some interesting vintage hair ornaments to dress up your braid and keep your jewellery vintage as well. The result will be a very beautiful bridal hairstyles for long hair, that looks worthy of a queen. While it is pretty much an essential part of an Indian bride, flowers in your hair can end up overpowering the hairstyle altogether. So take care and arrange the flowers with precision for a neat look.


If your hair is not very thick and you’re worried that it will look limp in a braid, ask your hairstylist to do an eleven strand braid hairstyle for you. This braid is a flat broad braid that will make your hair look nice and thick. And it also provides a nice surface area to adorn with hair ornaments and jewellery. Oh, and it looks amazing as well, so intricate and mesmerizing that you’ll leave everyone wondering how it was done.


. The Waterfall Braid

The waterfall braid is a beautiful wedding hairstyle for long hair girls. If you are thinking of flaunting an open hair loof on the D-day, then we suggest that you give this hairstyle a try.
The hairstyle may look a little complicated and messy, but trust us it is super easy and will give out the perfect elegant vibe. Though you can do this hairstyle on your won, it is better to get a professional help just to ensure that your hairstyle is perfect and will remain as is throughout the event. You can add some jeweled embellishments or other hair accessories to enhance your look further.



. Half-Updo With A Braided Headband

As the bride, you know that all eyes are going to be on you so why not make it worth their while, right? Here is a super intricate and stylish bridal updo for long hair that is sure to be the talking point among your friends and family. At first glance, this hairstyle might look difficult to pull off, but we guarantee you that a good hairstylist can effortlessly help you out with it.
This hairstyle is basically a curled half-updo hairstyle which falls on one side of your shoulders. To add a twist to this basic hairstyle, you can add in two braided headbands. With such an elaborate design already in place, you can give your hair accessories a miss!

6. Twisted Garden Hairstyle

Are you planning for an outdoor garden area wedding or is your theme a garden related one? If your answer is yes, then we are sure you are looking for a bridal hairstyle for long hair which can match up to your theme, right? Well, look no further as we have the perfect bridal hairstyle for you right here.
This twisted garden hairstyle looks absolutely ethereal and you would need plenty of pretty flower based hair accessories for this hairstyle. Get a tiered hairstyle and gently place your flower hair accessories to get the desired look.


7.Curled Formal Chignon

The curled formal chignon is a classy and elegant bridal hairdo for long hair. Rather than opting for the classic chignon, it would be better if you can go for a curled chignon. Whether you are wearing a saree or a lehenga, this style would suit both the outfits.
Adorn your chignon with some flowers or hair accessories and ensure that you use ample hair spray so that your hairstyle remains in place as you go through all your rituals.