Matches are made in heaven and are often broken over trivial issues in the mortal world. In a one-of-a-kind incident, a wedding was called off over rasgullas! Yes, you heard it right. About 70 kilometers from Lucknow, the Kurmapur village of Unnao district had a wedding cancelled just because a relative of the groom demanded to have two rasgullas instead of one.

“The groom’s cousin, Manoj, served two rasgullas, much to the annoyance of a close relative of the bride, who was managing the sweet stall. He was instructed to serve only one rasgulla to each baraati. The infuriated relative objected to Manoj taking two rasgullas,”.

The argument was escalated to another level when the groom’s kin started bashing up the bride’s relative who was tending the sweet stall. Even the bride’s father was not spared. The food pandal came crashing down and the police had to be called. The local police station SHO confirmed that a complaint has been filed by the bride’s father and the matter is being looked into to determine who instigated the brawl.

The local panchayat also intervened and demanded the matter to get resolved at the earliest and the wedding to be duly solemnized. However, the bride was not ready to budge even an inch. After seeing all the nuisance and witnessing her father and dear ones being thrashed over such a trivial matter, she decided not to proceed with the ceremonies even after being pleaded by the groom’s side. Such sour course of events over something sweet!