It is castor oil, the ultimate king when it comes to beauty and health benefits. It not only offers aid to pregnant women but also facilitates other health and skin conditions like constipation, inflammation, skin dullness and stretch marks.

Heating Castor Oil:

Castor oil is an active source of skin repairing anti-oxidants. Heating stimulates the anti-oxidants present in castor oil and they get easily absorbed in the skin. These anti-oxidants heal the stretched and broken collagen fibers in the dermis. This further stimulates the repair process and the skin goes back to its normal place. This treats the appearance and further formation of stretch marks due to any reasons.


Take little castor oil in a bowl.Heat it till it becomes lukewarm.Apply over the stretch marks and leave it undisturbed for about 30 minutes.Wash with lukewarm water.

Castor Oil And Coconut Oil:

What coconut oil can’t do alone, it can certainly do when mixed with castor oil. Coconut oil increases the efficiency of castor oil for pregnancy stretch marks from the body.


Mix equal proportions of castor oil and coconut oil.Apply on the affected area.Rub until the area gets heated up.Heated oils release anti-oxidants and skin hydrators.This makes the stretched skin soft.Coconut oil increases the moisture level of the stretched skin. This prepares the skin for getting treated against stretch marks.

Aloe Vera And Castor Oil:

Aloe gel and castor oil are two independent remedies for stretch marks. However, the efficiency doubles when these two ingredients are mixed together.


Mash the pulp of Aloe Vera.Beat it until it gets a flowing consistency.Add castor oil to it and heat the mixture.Apply on the affected area when hot.

Aloe Vera repairs the epidermis, and its vitamin E seeps to the dermis. Ricinoleic acid in castor oil reduces inflammation in dermis. Vitamin E and ricinoleic acid collectively trigger the repair process of the damaged collagen fibers of the dermis. This lessens the appearance of stretch marks.