If you do not have enough time to visit a salon, you can always arrange for a pedicure at home. We suggest you a few simple ways
Make sure that you have all the required ingredients and tools before you start doing a pedicure.
In a bucket, pour some lukewarm water along with salt and bath oils.
Remove your nail polish and make sure that you have no traces of it on your feet.
Dip your feet into the lukewarm water and keep it in for a good 15 minutes. Make sure that you do not overdip your feet in the water, else it can cause infection.
After soaking your feet, scrub your feet. Once your feet is dry, your can massage a small amount of cuticle cream on the base of your toenails.
Get a cuticle cutter and be careful while you get rid of them. It is always best to soak your feet again in water which contains disinfectant. You can also put a bit on a cotton ball and then clean the area with it.
Before applying a coloured nail polish, it is always best to apply a transparent one before it so that your colour nail paint remains for a longer duration of time.