Just had an expensive nail manicure and worried it might chip away soon? It inevitably happens, but here are ways that can help. Presenting tips to salvage the situation…
Take some white vinegar on cotton and wipe your nails with it before applying the base. This removes unwanted excess oils.
Do not soak the nails though this is common practice. This makes the nails expand and shrink later, causing the polish to look lumpy.
Apply the base coat in the right manner. Do not ignore the tips as that is where the chance of chipping is the highest.
Use a sparkly lacquer as your top coat.
Always use a cuticle oil on the nails.
Never shake the nail polish bottle up and down as this creates air bubbles which will manifest in the nails. Instead, just roll the bottle between your hands.
Never dry the nails with hot air. You may dip your fingernails in ice to do so.