Dogs are the best companions your child can ever have. There have been endless studies that prove how much goodness dogs bring in the life of a child. While love is the only language that your furry friend understands, there are some things that you must teach your child when it comes to your dog. He may be totally harmless but there are some boundaries that your kids must learn to follow around him:

Do not yell or hit!
Just like you, your dog doesn’t like to be yelled at. And your child must know that. Sudden yelling and outbursts can alarm your dog and make him anxious and restless. You have to understand that your dog has no control over the child’s behaviour and there is little that he can do to handle the anguish. Dogs are sound sensitive and loud noises do no good to them.

Do not mess with the meal time!
Most of the dogs look forward to their meal time with all the excitement (and wagging tail). Unlike us, they eat only when they are fed and they highly value their meal time but if your playful little one wants to play with him as he eats, please ask him to refrain. Most dogs like to eat in peace and he may not like your little one putting his hand in the bowl or pushing him away from the bowl ‘just for fun’.
Don’t offer unhealthy snacks
Your child loves to feed the dog but it may not always be safe. Dog treats are different but tossing those fried nachos dipped in salsa or the chocolates that you got from the store can be harmful to your furry friend. Teach your child the diet dos and don’ts of your dog and make sure they follow it.
Let him sleep!
Your dog has come from a long walk, had his meal and is all set for snooze time but your child wants to play. It may not always be a good idea to allow your child to pull his ear or sit on him to wake him up from his slumber. Let your kids know that they must allow the pet to rest when he wants and not force him to play. Remember, if your dog will be in mood to play, he will respond to your verbal cues.