In this way, people who fill fuel in the car

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Have you ever seen a woman or a man in bikini have filled their fuel? If not, then just look at this photo, these photos are Russia and Ukraine. On the one-two, but hundreds of people in bikini and high heels, reached refueling fuel. The click also conducted regular photo. No women in bikini men also arrived, but why …
Indeed, the reason is quite stunning in bikini Brane fuel. Last July 21 in Kiev, Ukraine in a gas tank fill pump owner had offered free to the people. The bikini and high heels, sandals was important to come to the fuel. Talk to people as soon as they arrived, the high heels and bikini wearing women than men reached the fuel station. The fuel station was a long queue. People dressed in bikini photoshoot were also made. Samara in the Russian women that had offered a petrol pump.

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