Waterfall braids are in trend now. This hairstyle can look absolutely perfect for anyone and can go well with any type of dresses. If you are planning to put on a casual jeans and T-shirt for a movie or a gorgeous gown for the evening party, with both the dresses the waterfall braids can look absolutely pretty. The other best thing about waterfall braids is that there can be extensive variations in this hairstyle. You can have a single braid or a double, braids from the sides, from the top or at the front depending on your likings and facial features. Waterfall braids can be done even on short hair lengths, but extensive variations might not be possible in this case. Waterfall braids have a romantic touch about them and they look more challenging to get than it is in reality. This article will provide you with some of the best waterfall braid hairstyles that you can pick for any day or occasion.


This crown braid looks absolutely classy and gorgeous. Here the waterfall braid has been done at the middle of the head, adding a front puff to the hairs. The braid is slim enough and looks more like a hair band. You can get this hairstyle for occasions as well as for a casual day out and it can be done with short, medium or long hairs.

Side waterfall braid hairstyle

This is a side waterfall braid hairstyle where the step wise breading has been done on the side of the crown. The braid starts from near the corner of the forehead and extends through the side in a downward fashion. This side waterfall braid can be done on one side or on both the sides and is suitable for different hair lengths, but will look best on medium or long hair length.


Back waterfall braid hairstyle with highlights

This waterfall braid covers the whole of the back of the head. The braid has been continued till the end and it has been left loose through the side after tying the end with a band. The highlights on the lower ends of the hairs along with the natural looking curls give this waterfall braid hairstyle a new dimension.


Double waterfall braid with cute hair accessory

This beautiful waterfall braid hairstyle has been done covering the back of the head. Here the braids at the sides follow an angular direction to meet the middle from where a normal 3-section braid has been done and a floral band has been added at the end. This waterfall braid hairstyle gives a perfect 3D look to the hairs.


Angular waterfall braid with curls

Here the waterfall braid has been done covering the whole of the back of the head in a cascading fashion. The braid has been continued till the end and it has been placed on one side of the head but not at the very end.  This beautiful waterfall braid hairstyle can look perfect on long hairs.


Water fall braiding with mermaid braid

This hairstyle can be perfectly described as a punch of waterfall braiding with mermaid braid. Here the water fall braids have been done high at the sides of the head and they have met at a central point from where the mermaid braid has been done with the cascading sections of the hairs from the waterfall braids at the sides. This hairstyle looks flawless, no doubt, but it might be a bit time consuming.


Waterfall braid hairstyle with fishbone plait

This hairstyle can give you the perfect look of a princess. Here the waterfall braids have been done from the sides of the head in a diagonal fashion to meet in the middle. From the middle a Fishbone plait has been done for the length of the hairs. This combination of waterfall braid and Fishbone plait looks absolutely classy.



Two side waterfall braid hairstyle



Here you can see that a waterfall braid has been made at the back of the head and then again a thin braid has been made covering the waterfall pattern from the top. This variation of waterfall braid looks absolutely classy.

Back waterfall braid with plaits


This unique hairstyle is not really simple to get but the look it will offer will surely compensate for all the effort. Here the hairs on the head have been parted into segments and 3 waterfall braids have been done side by side till the back of the head. The total volume of hairs has been tied in a ponytail with a band at the back of the head and the length has been left lose.


Here the hairs have been parted at the middle of the head and the waterfall braiding has started right from the front of the head. The waterfall braids at the two sides cover the head in a curved fashion and the end part of the braid hangs at the back. The small locks passing through the braiding has been left open at the sides and back to get the natural look.

Middle tied watterfall braiding with curls