While the video showcasing Akshay Kumar’s bodyguard slapping a rather curious fan is doing the rounds, Akki quickly took to Twitter to apologies to the concerned person. It so happened that a curious fan got too close for comfort with Akshay Kumar and desired to click a selfie with the star. Unaware of the fact that the burly bodyguard standing alongside Akki would get violent the fan kept coming close to the star with his camera phone, That’s when a tight thappad landed on his face! Those who have seen the video will naturally feel sorry for the fan.

Akki took to twitter to say sorry. He also mentioned that he was unaware of the incident as it happened behind his back. Kumar also reprimanded his bodyguard to ensure such a scenario is not repeated in future. The 49 year old actor reiterated that he is what he is because of his fans,

But many moons before this unfortunate incident Akshay had rescued a fan. A video shows a fan/photographer was trying to capture Kumar while the star walked out the airport. While keeping pace with Akki, the said fan lost his balance and tripped over. Akshay Quickly came to his rescue and extended his arm to offer help. His sweet and prompt gesture is there for all to see! Do take a look!