Sexual harassment on public transport is something which most of the women and girls in some of the world’s biggest capitals must have faced at least once.

From being nudged inappropriately by a co-passenger to verbally harassed, girls have to face everything while using public transport.

Even a survey suggested that nearly 85 percent of women don’t feel safe while using public transport. And the sad part is that not every girl stands for herself and this somehow motivates perverts to do such things.

A video uploaded on YouTube shows how a male passenger takes advantage of situation and try to touch a female in an inappropriate way while traveling on an e-rickshaw.The video shows that how a man tries to rub shoulders with the girl sitting next to him.

The man even tries to touch the girl with his hand, but the girl decides to avoid. Then he tries to brush his leg against the co-passenger and even pretends to sleep and lays his head on her shoulder. This is when girls stands for herself and tries to put an end to it.

The video, a reconstruction of a true incident, has been uploaded by actor Varun Pruthi. It has gone viral with over six million views in just few days.The video makes a point that girls need to stand for themselves and raise voice against such incidents.