No matter how clean we keep our skin, one thing that keeps coming back every couple of days is blackheads. Regular scrubbing keeps them at bay. If you don’t want to invest in fancy scrubs, we have an effective DIY fix for you.

This clever hack by beauty blogger Sadia Slayy to banish blackheads is worth trying out. In an Instagram video, she created nose strip using egg white and toilet paper.
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?Use egg white and toilet paper to get ride of black heads on your nose! _____________________ ?Directions: (EDIT: If you follow the directions it will work. Don't complain it doesn't work because it DOES, you just have to follow the steps including letting each layer COMPLETELY dry before moving on to the next layer) _____________________ ❣•Separate the yolk from the white of one egg and rinse your face with warm water ❣•Pat your face dry and remove any nose jewelry ❣•Beat the egg until frothy & then apply a thin layer of egg white on your nose. ❣•Place a strip of toilet paper over the wet egg white & press it onto your face gently. ❣•Allow the first layer to COMPLETELY DRY ❣•Apply a second layer of egg white over the tissue ❣•Let this layer COMPLETELY dry as well before applying more layers. You can do as many layers as you want. (I recommend no more than five) ❣•After the last layer has dried peel the tissue off, and then gently wash your nose to remove any residue. •This mask can be used all over the face for other blackhead problem areas. Directions remain the same.

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