Ladies, take note if you want a great sex life! As per a new study, using menstrual cups can actually improve your sex life.
The cups, which are inserted into the vagina to collect menstrual fluid, can reduce dryness and help the vaginal muscles stay strong, the Daily Mail reported.
Usually made from rubber and shaped like an egg cup or funnel, they can be used for up to 12 hours before needing to be emptied.

To mark Menstrual Hygiene Day, feminine hygiene company Intimina asked 1,500 women how their periods had changed since swapping tampons for a cup.

Of the participants, 26 per cent said their sex life had improved since to using a cup, due to decreased dryness and improved vaginal tone; 46 per cent said their sleep was better; 84 per cent said they felt more confident during their period; and 78 per cent felt more comfortable with their body.

According to Intimina, 66 percent of women reported decrease in vaginal dryness; 34 percent experienced fewer and less severe cramps; and 62 percent reported less odour.

The top five reasons why the women surveyed switched to a cup were: For health benefits, for the longer wear time; to save money, to help protect the environment; and for comfort.

Costing around 25 pounds and lasting for 10 years, it is said that a cup is much cheaper than buying tampons or pads each month.