It is better to give your Sunday morning a great start as it sets the mood right for the entire week. So if you are bored with your usual workout routine try walking barefoot on the grass early morning. Apart from getting a natural dose of Vitamin D, it rejuvenates your senses and calms the mind. Just a few minutes of walk and you have given your body the much needed TLC.

Morning – Listen to some soulful music at the beginning of the day to help you relieve stress and if that doesn’t seem enough sit to write a to-do list for the week or plan your bucket list. Writing on a Sunday morning can help your put a lot of things in perspective. However, there are other things you can do to  start your day on a positive note.

Here is what you should eat on a Sunday to keep the calories in check and still cheat on your diet.

Breakfast: To kick start your day; try this fibre rich daliya-upma recipe which is a powerhouse of essential minerals and nutrients.

Lunch: If you want to keep it simple try this banana stem stir fry with bhakri or roti which is an excellent side for diabetics. If you want something interesting for your Sunday meal then try this shrimp and brown rice poha pulav.

Snacks: Have a sweet tooth and craving for some sugar rush? Then this date and walnut ball recipe is perfect for you. If you have tea time guests then this is going to be loved by one and all.

Dinner: Want to keep it light but yet tasty? Then try this roasted bombil with koshimbhir to mark the day with your foodgasm.


Here is what you can do to keep yourself fit on a Sunday without stressing your sore muscles much:

At home: We all know that abs is the most problematic area for both men and women. So here are seven easy exercises that you can do at home to get that killer flat abs.

At gym: If you want to sweat it out in the gym on a Sunday morning or evening try avoid heavy weights as this might be your rest day. Instead, do a round of cardio. Choose to use the elliptical trainer which puts less pressure on your joints and helps to burn calories as well.

Yoga: Few rounds of suryanamaskar are a perfect total body workout during a Sunday.

Sleep tip: Keep the lights of your room dimmed and try to soothe yourself to restful sleep. Try going to the bed early on a Sunday night and stay away from alcohol as it might give you a hangover on Monday morning.