He currently has 10.5 million followers on twitter, and is steadily climbing the steps to greatness, but Virat Kohli himself continues to remain a ‘fan’ of the man he grew up idolising like millions of us – Sachin Tendulkar. Like all of the cricket legend fans, Kohli, currently the toast of Indian cricket, is eagerly awaiting the launch of Tendulkar’s soon to be released movie – Sachin: A Billion Dreams.

 At the launch of a new initiative which would help India’s Test cap tain connect with his fans, Kohli was quizzed about which of the three biopics (the other two being the ones on Mohammad Azharuddin and MS Dhoni) was he most looking forward to. Kohli’s answer was simple: “Well, all of them. Obviously , you know what would be the one that I’m waiting for the most…it’s because I’ve a connect with Tendulkar’s memories.
The journey to actually to get into his head, because I’ve idolised him, to have things coming from him as to what happened in this process of becoming who he has…that’s something that’s going to be very interesting,” the 27-year-old said, before elaborating further. “Tthe other two biop ics…MS’s journey has obviously been a very different one, but again a lot of instances in a cricket’s life that you wouldn’t understand.
  And the third one, Azharuddin’s as well. A lot of instances that happened in his life. So they’re explained properly. And obviously it’s for people to see and learn from. I’m looking forward to all three. The one Everyone knows who I idolised as a kid. He will always remain my idol because of whom I came into cricket. I am very eagerly looking forward to the biopic on Tendulkar. I have idolised him,” he said.