Brett Lee, former Australian fast bowler, who was one of the quickest of all-time, believes it is not right to compare batting legend Sachin Tendulkar to the extremely gifted Virat Kohli. According to Lee, it’s pretty difficult to compare players from different generations. Lee added Don Bradman cannot be compared to Tendulkar or Steve Waugh. On the same lines, Kohli cannot be compared to Tendulkar. Lee also said that Tendulkar did not play T20 cricket to the extent that Kohli did. Lee said with 200 Test caps to his name, Tendulkar is the very best, but in modern-day cricket, Kohli is certainly the world’s best batter.
Lee was quoted by Sportskeeda saying, “They’re different players, and it’s too hard to compare eras. We can’t compare Don Bradman to Steve Waugh or Bradman to Sachin. We can’t compare Sachin to Kohli. Sachin didn’t play a lot of T20 cricket. You know, with 200 Test matches to his name, Sachin to me is obviously No. 1. In terms of what Kohli is doing, he’s certainly the world’s best batsman right now in my opinion.And he’s hungry, hungry for runs. When we talk again in 10 years’ time, we might say that yes Kohli is sitting on 108 Tests or 150 Tests, and he is certainly making his way towards Sachin. We don’t know. Time will tell, but it’s too hard to compare eras.”