Virat Kohli is one of the best cricketers in India. The cricketer has been in the news for his performances on field and his love life. He has been involved in many scuffles with a lot of players on the field and has been reprimanded for it too. He has again run into a huge controversy, but this time it ain’t coz of his anger.

According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, he has signed up as the brand ambassador of the Premier Futsal League (PFL), but this hasn’t gone down well with the All India Football Federation (AIFF). The body is questioning his association with the rival league despite being a part owner of the Indian Super League team.

However, Virat doesn’t seem to be bothered as the PFL organisers and Kohli’s management team are slated to meet in a few days to plan a promotional campaign for the new league. In the meantime, PFL organisers are set to fight against AIFF’s ISL by bringing in a few retired Premier League from top clubs like Manchester United as marquee players for their teams.

How will AIFF react to this move by Virat Kohli? Stay tuned to this place to know more about what happens next. Till then tell us what you think about this latest development in the comments section below! Also check out the cricketer working out in the video right here: