A few weeks ago, news of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s alleged break-up left us all in shock and disappointment. What came as a ray of hope for the couple’s fans, however, was when they were recently spotted enjoying a cozy dinner date together. While the two, like most celebs, decided to maintain their silence over the issue, Virat seems to have come up with a unique, and frankly a very impressive way of clearing the air around his relationship status… via his tee shirt! The cricketer was recently spotted wearing a tee with a message that read, “We were on a break!” Now we know that it’s an iconic line of Ross Geller from ‘Friends,’ but the intent, we assume, is not lost on anyone. Right? If that’s, in fact, the duo’s relationship status, we are just glad that it’s not all over between them. We hope they do manage to sort their differences out and reconcile soon.