Psychic capital of America as a global village has become famous. The village is believed that spirits and ghosts talk. The local government also promotes the idea. Here’s a typical village

Replace Tllahssi (Florida)
Village – Casadaga
Total population – 624
USP – direct dialogue with ghosts

Every man is talking to spirits
Yes, it’s true. Officially, the village has been declared as the psychic capital. Healing Centers operates more than half of the population. It has been claimed that almost every man that direct dialogue with ghosts. Now it is reality or no effort to promote tourism, it can not be said firmly. But Sprichual camp in Florida as the official way in this village has been promoted. It is said that in a year about 25 thousand people come here from across the world. The mainstay of the economy of this village are the same people. Most people also believe that coming here after he could communicate with the people who are not in this world.

Scientists puzzled
George Colby spiritual leader in New York in 1875 in the village inhabited by hundreds of people had gathered slowly. It is said that even though some refresh ABO-air Sprchuliti attracted to that person becomes. Currently there are more than 100 world renowned Healing Center. Everyone one of them has their own way of solving the problem. Here Isaiyt, capitalized on a mix of philosophy and science of spirituality as a unique get to see.
Reading tarot cards or Hstrekhaon Sprichual Healers claim to contact spirits. Indian Academy of hypnosis, Dr. JP Malik explains that a person can be hypnotized in the past life events. Not only the individual, through hypnosis, he can contact a dead soul. It also denied any claims that pretends to speak with spirits also can not be denied that all people are aware hypnosis.