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Venice of France, is famous throughout the world for its beautiful scenery. Thousands of tourists come here and enjoy the wonderful views. However, Venice is a city, you can imagine a village where not a single street and yet every year thousands of tourists are there? You will not believe, but it’s true. Netherlands-based Giathurn village is at the center of the tourist attractions of the world. Not a single motor car, people still come …
The village does not have a single motor vehicle. The boat springs anyone to go somewhere he can be. The electric motor of the boat moving in the canals, through which people are coming and going somewhere. These boats are very low noise, and these people are not complaining. However, some people from one place to another wooden bridge over a canal running through the middle of the village have created. There are approximately 100 such bridges. The village was built in 1230
The village was founded in the year 1230 and was initially named Getenhorn. Later the name was Giathurn. The village also has a history behind the canal. It is said that 1 meter deep canals in a type of fuel used in hay from one end to the other end, was to carry on. During the excavations several ponds and lake. Then, maybe someone would never guess that Pete canals created for delivering the beautiful place it on the world map as a tourist destination will be covered.