Known for making erotic-thrillers, filmmaker Vikram Bhatt is now gearing up for his internet debut with a web series called Maaya, which will be released on his YouTube channel this October.Talking about the series, Bhatt said, “It’s about how two people, who have hidden their identities from each other, live out their sexual fantasies, and fall in love in the process. They decide to take on the world that views their relationship with judgmental eyes.”“It is an unusual concept. While it is not really a Fifty Shades of Grey, but it is an erotic love story and will play with taboos surrounding BDMS. So you can expect chains, blindfolds, handcuffs, sex toys and all those things that we could never hope to see in a Hindi movie given our puritanical censors,” he added.Disillusioned by the growing debate on censorship, Vikram claims that he initially wanted to pen Maaya as a novel called Summer of Frost. He however decided to dabble with the digital world when he realised its potential.Maaya features Shama Sikander as the innocent protagonist who finds love through lust. “As I am sharing the details and pictures of the show on the social media, my writer, director and actor friends have gotten excited and are in the mood to experiment. Suddenly, we have a new playground without any sentinels,” said Bhatt, who is also spearheading two other shows for his channel, a comedy, Apun Ka Naam Sailesh, and a romcom, Ek Plate Zindagi.The first schedule of Maaya has just been wrapped up with Shama, Veer Aryan, Vipul Gupta, Pareena Chopra and Aradhya. It will be the first of the many of Bhatt’s web series to hit the internet.“In a country where a James Bond kiss is cut down and a Brett Lee is prevented from having sex on screen, I had no hope of ever making something like Maaya. But now I can make my own Sex in the City without any checks on my creativity and young people can watch it too for free. The advertisers are welcome too. Come join the fun,” he added.