1. Transparent Clutch:  For the rains, try something like this… a transparent plastic clutch. It’s always good to show off a little of your accessories. And the best part it goes with every outfit.

2. Transparent Tote: Looking for something big? If you are someone who likes to keep more than a mobile phone and glasses in your handbag, then a tote can work for you. The plastic bag will keep your items safe and give an edgy look to your ensemble.

3: Sling Bag: It’s Friday night and of course you won’t leave with the transparent clutch or tote bags. Because an LBD won’t match with the above two. You need a sling boxy bag. Make sure the material is water-friendly. Don’t go for leather or cotton. Metal or plastic will keep your things safe.

4. Folder-Clutch: If you don’t have a transparent clutch, go for the office folders. Yes, the mega size folders. Turn them into edgy hand clutches. Try different colours every day.

6. Boxy Bags: Go for boxy bags. Better if you have them in neon colours. They would match perfectly with your Friday casual outfits.

7. Canvas Handbag: If you already have a canvas bag, you can go for that as well. Easy and classy!