Meenakshi Thapa (4 October 1984– April 2012) was a Nepali actress in India. She made her acting debut in the 2011 horror film 404.In April 2012, during the filming of Heroine, Thapa was kidnapped by another actor who had a minor role in the film, Amit Jaiswal, and his girlfriend, Preeti Surin, who had overheard her talking of her family’s wealth.She was held for a ransom of 1.5 million (approximately US$29,000).They told her mother that, if the ransom was not paid, she would be forced into pornographic films.Her mother paid 60,000 rupees. She was later strangled and decapitated in a hotel in Gorakhpur. Her torso was left in a water tank and her head thrown out of a bus on the way to Mumbai.The perpetrators were caught with the SIM card from her mobile phone and confessed to the crime.

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Qandeel Baloch, was a Pakistani model, actress, woman’s rights activist and social media celebrity. Baloch rose to prominence due to her videos on social networks discussing her daily routine and various controversial issues.

Baloch first received recognition from the media in 2013, when she auditioned for Pakistan Idol; her audition went viral and she became an Internet celebrity. She was one of the top 10 most searched for persons on the internet in Pakistan and both celebrated and criticised for the content of her videos and posts.

During the evening of 15 July 2016, Baloch was asphyxiated while she was asleep in the house where her parents live in Multan.Her brother Waseem Azeem confessed to the murder saying she was “bringing disrepute” to the “family’s honour”.