Baku Fashion Week ended leaving behind the series of memorable shows.Bringing together famous designers from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, the fashion show took place at Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel.It was a week full of inspirational designs, while all fashion collections were very unique and caught the attention of all the spectators.The second day featured a collection of gorgeous outfits by one of the most famous Georgian designer Avtandil. The show continued with a gentle and bright collection from Azerbaijani brand “Nadit”.


Then, visitors enjoyed a unique catwalk by Natavan Gallery, new Azerbaijani fashion house, which supports young talents and gives them an opportunity to present their work s at professional venues.Amina Jafar, national designer from Georgia presented her collection of couture dresses.Fascinating evening was closed with the collection of Turkish designer Rana by Lulu.The next day featured playful fashion collections by Azerbaijani designer Hokuma Hajiyeva and the jewelry house Levata Group.


A unique collection of jewelry “Zinet-i-Zishan” and stunning outfits from Turkish designer Selma Chilek inspire you to create your own style. Then, spectators enjoyed cozy collection from Family Look.

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The fashion show will be ended with presentation of fashion collection from Ukrainian designers, Kriza and Couture de Fleur.On the third day, fashionistas were thrilled with gorgeous collection by Uzbek label Sharq Liboslari. Besides, the fashion show featured new trends from the fashion house “The Black Dress” and Sol Atelier fashion brand.


Baku Fashion Week ended with the presentation of fashion collection by Azerbaijani brand “De Brett”.Baku Fashion Week was included in the calendar schedule of world Fashion Week, making Azerbaijan more recognizable among international designers and fashion lovers. Local designers and models will gradually reach world podiums and attract the interest overseas.