Every nail paint lover knows the struggle of applying glitter nail polish. Getting those glitters sit prettily over the nails without making them look uneven and patchy is a task.
YouTuber Kelli Marissa showed us how to get glitter nail polish right using a makeup sponge with minimal efforts.
We got on board and tried out this easy hack and it surely is great. All you need is a makeup sponge, base coat and glitter nail polish.
1. Apply a coat of clear nail polish or any base colour. Let it dry.
2. Instead of directly painting your glitter polish, dab some on the makeup sponge.
3. Now, dab the sponge on your nails.
The reason for this additional step is that the sponge soaks up most of the liquid nail polish leaving you with just the glitter behind. So it’s dense and opaque over the nails. You can leave it here or apply a top coat to make the polish last long.