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Acid attack cases are the day. If the perpetrator or perpetrators of this incident to give some crazy, but after that a person’s life is our life worse than hell. Forbidden to marry well with the acid attack … they had no reason to ruin someone’s life? Today we’re telling you something like that about people who have to face acid attacks. Iranian photographer Asghar had Khamesh Award for …
Fire off your photographic series Hetred named Asghar said the pain of those suffering from acid attack. Held in 2016 at the Sony World Photography Awards have been awarded to Asghar. The photographers in the photo series of disturbing photos of acid attack victims have shown.
The first photo in the news of Shirin Mohammadi who is a resident of Tehran. Shirin’s sin was only forbidden to marry her boyfriend. He was just 18 years old and her boyfriend that she has done on her by acid attack.