Vernon RCMP have released more information after residents claimed they heard shots being fired. Some residents in the Scott Road area claim they heard a handful of shots being fired early Wednesday morning.

RCMP say the shots were from police shotguns used to open a secured door while executing a search warrant involving a licensed grow-op.

Police say that, although it was a licensed grow-op, they suspect it has possible ties to organized crime. A 44 year-old man and 42 year-old woman were arrested at the scene.

A residence next to the grow-op was the target of a drive-by shooting in June. No one was injured. It’s believed the shooters got the wrong house.

RCMP also executed a search warrant Wednesday at a commercial building on 14th Avenue in Vernon where another licensed grow-op was busted. A 25 year old woman and 43 year old man have been arrested. Police suspect the grow is linked to organized crime.