“It’s been pretty good, I think, it’s been come on the Internet. It has already done eight million views already, so it is really good” says Varun Dhawan, who was spotted last night at the Airport.

Dressed in causal Tee, jeans and red snickers, Varun Dhawan looked dashing and charming as always! He posted for shutterbugs and chat with eager fans!

“I am going to Bangkok for shoot” added Varun.

Varun Dhawan is currently promoting his upcoming action movie, Dishoom, which unveiled its trailer last week and has been viral ever since on digital platform.

Varun Dhawan, John Abraham, Jacqueline Fernandez along with Akshaye Khanna stars in Rohit Dhawan directorial Dishoom, which is an action, adventure film!

What is interesting here, for John Abraham, action genre is home ground, he has done many blood and gore based movies, but Varun hasn’t explored hardcore action as a genre. He has fought bad people to save his ladylove in films, but the fight sequences in “Dishoom” are on a different level! No wonder he was shouting at people to watch his film in Theatres!

“Please guys watch my Film, Dishoom” said Varun to all his fans!We are looking forward to Dishoom, which opens in theatres on July 29.