Vaishnavi Dhanraj Sahrawat born 25 August 1988 is an Indian television actress. She is best known for her portrayal of Nirbhaya in Satyagraha on Aaj Tak,and for playing the role of Sub-Inspector Tasha in Sony T.V’s popular and long-running show CID.



Both these enactments won rave reviews from critics and the latter in particular, launched her stardom.In 2011 Vaishnavi wrote several blogs for as part of the publication’s series of celebrity blogs.



Vaishnavi married actor Nitin Sahrawat in 2012 and having acquired her husband’s name, is now known as Vaishnavi Sahrawat.Vaishnavi was born in Nagpur and did her schooling from Blind Relief Association’s Mundle High School.



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After she graduated from Shivaji Science College, her family shifted to Kalyan in 2008. Vaishnavi’s parents encouraged her artistic inclination and escorted her to her initial auditions.She was known as Vaishnavi Bhoyar during her student years.