This is by far the easiest way to have the same WhatsApp number running simultaneously on two smartphones. Yes, we will show you how you can simultaneously use the same WhatsApp number on two (or more) smartphones and the procedure does not need WhatsApp web.

Running two WhatsApp numbers on a single device was almost impossible till there came a few apps that can help you achieve it. Similarly, running the same WhatsApp number on two devices was a tad difficult till WhatsApp Web showed up. However, WhatsApp Web was only meant for desktop users and you needed to keep the smartphone connected to the internet in order to use the web version.

WhatsApp Web can also be used on tablets and smartphones and this needs you to install an internet browser app that can simulate desktop mode. Best use is to get FireFox app and you can use WhatsApp on your smartphone or tablet along with your original smartphone with the primary app. However, WhatsApp Web still requires you to keep the primary smartphone with the main WhatsApp number to be connected to the internet as it routes all data via the smartphone. But a simple trick, we stumbled into last week, can replicate the same WhatsApp number on two or several deferent smartphones and can also be used simultaneously.


Caution: The method could be used for eavesdropping on another person’s WhatsApp. Messages that come on one phone will also be seen on the other phone. Also you will be able to see all the messages and conversations that have previously taken place on both the smartphones. Make sure you handover your smartphone to another person only if you trust them completely with regards to your personal data. The trick also allows users to tap into every possible account on the other smartphone without the need of any password. The user is automatically logged on. It is as good as duplicating another smartphone.

The trick is to replicate the entire WhatsApp data from one phone to another. Using a rooted smartphone, you can use Titanium Backup to do the same. But the trick we will show you can be done on non-rooted smartphones. Even a layman without any knowledge of how smartphone data works can actually get it done in less than 5 minutes. All he needs is access to the victim’s smartphone for a few minutes.

You need to have a Xiaomi smartphone first. Simply grab the other Xiaomi smartphone with WhatsApp enabled. Now head to the system Settings and then to Additional settings. Scroll down to the bottom and hit on Mi Mover. This is an integrated app for migrating all your data from an old smartphone to a newer one. Once you launch the app on both Xiaomi smartphones, choose the victim phone as the sender and the other smartphone as the receiver.  A QR code will be generated on the recipient phone and you have to scan this from the sender phone. Once done, the two phones communicate with each other to connect using a hotspot. Once connected, you can select what data you want to migrate to the phone. You can choose only WhatsApp data and app if you want to transfer the WhatsApp data only or choose to transfer all the data. Depending on how much of data is selected, the two phones will start transferring the data in a given specified time. Keep the phones close to each other and the entire selected data will be transferred to the new device in a few minutes. Once done, you can simply close the app and you are done.

What we found out here is that a user’s privacy can be at stake, if this procedure is used on an unsuspecting victim. A common user with a Xiaomi smartphone can grab hold of another Xiaomi smartphone user and use it against him. Since the migration app Mi Mover can actually transfer all active apps and accounts to another smartphone, he can use the accounts without entering any passwords. What was even surprising is that the End-to-End encryption from WhatsApp is also identifying the QR codes as legit since both the Xiaomi devices are showing the same QR codes.

We tried using the Mi Mover app on other brands, since the Mi Mover app is freely available on Google Play, but it did not work the same way. The trick is only possible on Xiaomi smartphones for now and we are trying to reach out to WhatsApp and Xiaomi to find out if the glitch exists in each of their platforms. At present, the same trick can be applied over a rooted smartphone using a third-party app called Titanium Backup. However, Titanium Backup only runs on rooted smarpthones.

So is this simple trick or app a possible threat to Xiaomi smartphone users? Or is this glitch on the WhatsApp side which fails to detect the same account being actively run on two or more devices? We are investigating.