If you’ve been thinking that by having penetrative sex, your woman is going to achieve an orgasm, we’re sorry to inform you, but you have been doing it wrong the entire time. Many men tend to shy away from performing oral sex on their partner because they’re intimidated by it and also very unsure about how to make their women orgasm by oral stimulation. Here’s how to maintain hygiene for odour free oral sex.

This might seem like an unconventional idea, but to make her moan during oral sex, you could try nuzzling the tip of your nose around her clitoris and vaginal lips or labia. Confused about how to actually go about with the best oral sex she will ever received? Simply follow this guide if you care about your her sexual pleasure.

If you haven’t gone down on her yet, take things slow. Don’t just pull her panties down and start randomly licking her vagina! That’s not how it’s done and will only make her feel uncomfortable. Instead, start by kissing her, then fondle her breasts followed by sucking on each of her nipples. Once things start getting heated up, gently kiss her on her stomach and slowly make your way down there.

Start by twirling your tongue around her clitoris and labia in the figure of a horizontal or vertical 8. Depending on her reaction, you can slightly intensify the pressure of your tongue twirling but don’t overdo it. In between, you can also manually stimulate her by gently opening her vaginal lips. Following that use two fingers and gently hold the clitoris, then make back and forth motions.

You can gradually pick up the pace of these motions after asking her how it feels. Encourage her to talk to you and give her feed back while you’re down there. After this, gently rub the tip of your nose against her clitoris and labia and move it in small circles around the clitoris. Keep alternating between these and in between, you can also finger her using two fingers. Insert them in gently and then make a ‘Come hither movement’. Here’s a step-by-step guide to pleasure your woman.By following these steps, you will help her achieve orgasm and even beg for more! Here are 10 ways to give your woman multiple orgasms.