Some people may get fat owing to genetic reasons, while for some others the root lies in lifestyle factors, diet and physical conditions. No matter what the reason is behind your obesity, you have to pick the right method to get rid of excess flab.


Benefits Of Amla Juice For Weight Loss:

Exercise does help you to get back in shape, but it is also important that you eat the right kind of food. Using specific foods, herbs and supplements also help obese men and women to shed that excess weight. Let us have a look at what are amla juice benefits for weight loss.

1. Loaded With Nutrients And Antioxidants:

Amla or Indian Gooseberry is a tangy and nutrient rich fruit that is known for multiple health benefits. It is edible and contains a good amount of Vitamin C. Being used since old ages, it treats a number of ailments and improve skin and hair health as well. However, using Amla can also be beneficial for weight loss.

2. Boosts General Metabolism:


Taking amla juice can aid your metabolism. Obesity is often caused by inadequate or improper metabolism in the human body. The toxins accumulated in the body get flushed out when you eat amla or drink amla juice regularly.

3. Enhances Protein Synthesis:

It goes without saying that those who have a slower body metabolism tend to pile up pounds sooner. Amla juice both in concentrated and diluted form helps in pushing the body’s rate of breaking down food. It improves the synthesis of protein by the body. In other words, more broken protein means, more energy for the body. So, food eaten does not get accumulated as fat.

4. Detox Regimen:

The accumulation of harmful toxins in the body often is the underlying factor behind sudden weight gain in many. The Indian gooseberry flushes out the toxins in the body and thereby not just aids in combating the cause, but also reduces the buildup of toxins which too leads to weight gain. Drinking amla juice on a daily basis also increases the digestion rate of the body.

5. Natural Rejuvenator:

A natural rejuvenator, amla helps in boosting the energy levels in the body. It also helps in rehydrating the body as and when needed. This aids in keeping energy levels up when you are working out to lose weight.



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